Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will Barack Obama, as president, grant 95% of Americans a tax cut?

I doubt it--for, when campaign spokesmen are subjected to direct questioning by a journalist from the American Spectator, the details are real, real vague (and by the way, back in 1992 and afterwards, the Clinton people pulled this same kind of stunt):

So when Plouffe reiterated the 95 percent claim, I asked him a simple question aimed at clarifying whether Obama's tax plan was about cutting rates, or merely handing out government checks. "What rates would actually go down"? I asked."Middle class people are going to see, systemically, their taxes reduced, and small businesses," Plouffe responded. "But what rate would go down for lower-income Americans?" I persisted, seeking more information."We'll have to get you the exact details on that," Obama's campaign manager told me.

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