Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Football musings from last weekend

My college football picks were all good--I went 6-1.
My pro picks were not so hot--I went only 5-8.
Of course, college football last weekend was dominated by upsets--Florida losing at home to Ole Miss, Wake Forest being upset by Navy, Wisconsin losing to Michigan (an upset I picked, remember!), and of course the biggest stunner--USC losing to Oregon State.

You know, we're always stunned by upsets like that; and I think it's partly because, since Southern Cal had looked so good and dominant in defeating Ohio State, and because they were ranked #1, we assumed they were unbeatable.

Of course, we should know better. All college football fans know that that the limits on scholarships for each program, the growth of so much new talent across the country, etc has introduced parity into college football. It's been around a long time. Last year for sure should have drummed that knowledge into our heads, when the national champion had TWO losses.

But we always forget, don't we? The #1 ranked team, whoever it is, looks outstanding, they dominate some opponents, and we're assume they can't be beaten. Until they are. Come to think of it, that kinda makes it fun, doesn't it?