Thursday, October 16, 2008

Destroying Joe the Plumber

It was actually a very neat tactic last night from John McCain--introduce Joe the plumber, use the conversation he had with Barack Obama a few days ago (Joe wants to start his own small business soon; Obama's plans would lead to higher taxes for him; Obama apologizes but vows to plow ahead anyway, saying it's needed in order to spread the wealth around), and show how that makes Obama's policies, well, dangerous to the economy.

And so now, as Jim Geraghty shows today, our friends on the left are after old Joe:

"Thank God we live in a free country, where you can speak your mind on public issues, without fear that those who disagree will respond by exposing anything you've ever done that you regret or that could embarrass your family. Oh, wait, never mind. We have to know, according to some, about Joe the Plumber's tax lien, and how he doesn't have a license - which, if the smear artists bothered to check the law, he only needs for commercial work, not residential work.This is the way our opponents operate now. Destroy anyone who stands in your way. Humiliate them. Make sure that anyone else who ever wants to skeptically question Barack Obama knows that every last bit of their dirty laundry will be aired for all the world to see."

We shouldn't be surprised.
Look at the smear job they did on Sarah Palin. I'm glad she's fought back.