Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who won the vice-presidential debate?

There's evidence Sarah Palin did, and thus helped the McCain campaign:

"In a sign that the race for president has returned to about where it was before the first presidential debate, the Obama-Biden ticket leads the McCain-Palin ticket 47 percent to 43 percent among registered voters in a new CBS News poll. The Obama-Biden ticket led by a wider margin, nine percentage points, in a CBS News poll released last Wednesday, before Joe Biden and Sarah Palin faced off in the vice presidential debate. Obama-Biden led by five percentage points on Sept. 25."

Which also goes to show that all is not lost, Republicans.
Tonight is a big night. John McCain has got to draw big contrasts with Barack Obama, and do so every chance he gets. You know, in a recent column in the NY Times, David Brooks made a good point: John McCain has not spelled out an overarching, central rationale for his campaign, a central argument for himself. Why, above all, should you elect John McCain? What should be your top reason? If Senator McCain is going to make a better argument along those lines, tonight would be a good time to start.