Thursday, October 2, 2008

The danger of the crisis

Victor Davis Hanson today points out that our enemies salivate over our present financial and economic difficulties:

"Allies trust that the United States is the ultimate guarantor of free communication and commerce -- and they want immediate reassurance that their old America will still be there. In contrast, opportunistic predators -- such as rogue oil-rich regimes -- suddenly sniff new openings."

Read his piece. He points out that American's terrorist and totalitarian enemies, including Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and North Korea, were all pretty active this past week--including the Iranian thug Ahmadinejad suggesting, at the United Nations, that the Jews were at the root of the world's financial troubles (and who at the UN spoke out against this Hitlerian garbage? If anyone said a word, they said it mighty quietly). This has happened before, as Hanson points out. Our enemies try to take advantage of our troubles. Another example was 1968, when the communists in Vietnam launched the Tet Offensive, those in North Korea held the sailors of an American ship hostage for months, and the Soviet Union eventually cracked down on Czechoslovakia.

This is why we need to get back in the saddle, and fast.