Thursday, October 2, 2008

On ideology and the recent failure of the first bailout bill to pass

Conservatives are just tools of the greedy capitalist class, say some.
But Jonah Goldberg recently exploded that notion, using Monday's failure in the House of the bailout bill as an example:

"Now, the interesting thing here is how different the motives are here, and how they run counter to the liberal conventional wisdom and the prevailing media narrative. The Mike Pence “ideologues” opposed this bill on principle even though we’re always told by the Thomas Frank crowd that those laissez-faire Republicans are merely the willing pawns of America’s financial ruling class. Their principles are mere window dressing for grasping, evil capitalists. But the financial ruling class supports this bill. They’re begging for it in fact. These right-wing ideologues believe there must be a cheaper and better way to protect the American taxpayer that preserves economic liberty."

Bingo. We see this frequently. The left claims that American businessmen support an aggressive foreign policy because it makes them money. And yet--when America took control of the Philippines in 1899, who opposed it?? None other than Andrew Carnegie, one of the biggest businessmen of all. Who are all in favor of strong American support of Israel? Why, many in the American business community. Yet think about it--they do this even though it could be argued such is NOT in their economic self-interest. If American business trashed Israel and got the U.S. to back the Arab position on Middle East issues, many businessmen would be awash in Arab oil and Arab money. So why don't they? Well, because blind economic self-interest isn't all there is in he world...

Use this, conservatives, against your left-wing opponents. Their ideology doesn't fit with what really goes on in this world.