Monday, October 6, 2008


Sarah Palin keeps up her criticism of Barack Obama, concerning his associations both with Bill Ayers, and also Jeremiah Wright.

Don't let Democrats say such associations don't matter, or that they're ancient history, etc.
Remember something--Democrats LOVE to criticize Republicans for their "associations."
Remember Trent Lott? He said some nice things about Strom Thurmond, and gave a speech or two before a conservative group that Democrats claimed was "racist." Bingo! Because of those associations, liberals and Democrats demanded he be taken down. Remember Pastor John Hagee? He made some controversial statements about Jews--and endorsed John McCain.
McCain had only accepted his endorsement--he hadn't even associated with the guy.
But Democrats demanded he apologize, renounce the endorsement, etc.
To Democrats, associations matter.
Unless it's their own guy. Then suddenly they're ancient history.
Don't let them get away with this hypocrisy.