Monday, October 27, 2008

Liberalism watch (contd)

What liberals are saying these days about conservatives within the Republican Party, now that the left is convinced they're about to win an election:

"I think that the narrowing of the Republican party down to the
vicious, ignorant, bitter core of Palin acolytes and Rovian hacks is a
good thing, and the Christian Nationalists that will take over the
party will be more than willing to throw aside the McClellans, the
Powells, the Buckleys, and everyone who who they deem has shown
insufficient fealty to the cause. We should support that. The more we
can marginalize the rancid remains of the GOP into a discredited Palin
wing, the neo-cons with their hillbilly yokel Christian right front,
the better."

Nothing like a little overconfidence, hmmm? It can come back to bite you.
And it's a funny thing--the above is the same kind of thing they said about the Republican Party back in the 1960s, about it being "taken over" by "Buckleyites", by "Reaganites", by the "fanatical Goldwater wing", etc etc etc. They've been predicting the death of conservatism for over 60 years. And they've been wrong every time. Stand defiant!