Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Barack Obama's contradictions

James Taranto at the WSJ online points out a couple:

"All of us are going to make sacrifices," he says--but he is going to raise taxes only on Fortune 500 CEOs other really rich people; and his spending cuts will spare "people who need help." It doesn't add up when you think it through, but the casual listener gets to feel noble while responding to an appeal to his self-interest....[and, on another subject] it seems to us incoherent to criticize the Bush administration both for being too "reactive" and for failing to restrict its post-9/11 focus to Afghanistan."

Don't forget another one: on the one hand, Senator Obama says we no longer have the respect in the world that we used to, we need to use more diplomacy and multilateralism, we need to seek diplomatic solutions, so let's sit down with Iran (without preconditions, mind you!), sit down with Cuba, etc.

And yet at the same time, he publicly announces that we'll go into Pakistan and launch attacks against Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, whether Pakistan is on board with that or not.