Monday, October 20, 2008

At the sports desk: Rays vs Phillies in the Fall Classic--who would've thunk it?

More details here.
Should be a good Series--I especially look forward to seeing how Rays pitchers will handle Phillie sluggers like Ryan Howard and Chase Utley.

Back to the ALCS for a moment--congrats to the Rays, but to the Red Sox, too. That was quite a battle. I was struck by the mental toughness both teams showed. The Red Sox, after all, were down 3-1 in the series, had been pounded at home for two straight games, and then in game 5 trailed 7-0. But they got off the mat, and eventually won not only game 5, but game 6 on the road, as well.

So then the pressure shifted to the Rays. They'd blown a 3-1 series lead; they faced the prospect not just of heading into the offseason with that knowledge, but also the possibility of blowing a golden opportunity and doing so by losing the last two games at home.

But they sure did respond well, didn't they? You had to feel good for the Rays, a team that never had finished a season above .500 in its entire existence; now off to the World Series. Should be fun.