Friday, October 17, 2008

John and Joe

You know, I will say this: the McCain campaign did do a wise thing in seizing upon Joe the Plumber, Barack Obama's conversation with him, and explaining how Joe is an excellent example of the problem with raising taxes--it hurts little guys and small businesses.

And they're doing a good job today in keeping this guy and the whole issue in the news.
Not to mention decrying the fact that Joe is being attacked, and irrelevant criticisms of his life being made, simply because Joe and his story isn't helping the Obama campaign. And make no mistake, this is why the attacks have come--because Joe and his story are something that hurt the Obama folks.

I liked this from McCain today:

“The response from Senator Obama and his campaign yesterday was to attack Joe,” Mr. McCain said. “People are digging through his personal life, and he has TV crews camped out in front of his house. He didn’t ask for Senator Obama to come to his house. He wasn’t recruited or prompted by our campaign. He just asked a question. And Americans ought to be able to ask Senator Obama tough questions without being smeared and targeted with political attacks.”

This has been a national story for over 2 days now. It's friendly ground for McCain, and it's a good, principled conservative issue (lower taxes mean more freedom, they mean help for those little guys wanting to pursue the American dream). Let's see if it helps in the polls at all...