Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another presidential debate tonight

Apparently it's the 40th debate this political season, if you count all those from the primary campaign...

I didn't realize there had been quite that many.
It seems like overkill, looking back on it.
Clearly, McCain needs to shake things up.
My suggestion: look, I'm sure the Obama campaign EXPECTS you to come at them over Ayers; they'll be prepared. So come at him from another direction. Talk about how terrorists are leaving Iraq now, because of our success there. That doesn't sound like the defeat Obama forecast for our efforts there. Talk about Obama's claim that, for his proposed budget, he's cutting more than he's spending. No way is that true. Come at him from a conservative direction--why not talk abortion??? He's very liberal on that issue.

Draw big distinctions; it's your only chance.