Wednesday, October 1, 2008

At the sports desk: the MLB Divisional playoffs

Who do I pick? Here goes:

Chicago White Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays. Pick: TAMPA BAY. I think last year, and previous years, showed us that one thing that can be important is: how are you playing as a team going into the playoffs (see last year's Colorado Rockies). Yes, the White Sox won their last 3 games, including last night's 1-0 beauty over Minnesota, to get here. But the Rays have played better, longer, in September. And ya gotta love that Rays pitching.

Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angels. Pick: LOS ANGELES. They've got starting pitching, hitting, a great closer in K-Rod, and they beat the Red Sox like a drum this year in the regular season. It's their time.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs. Pick: CHICAGO. The Dodgers are dangerous, and played well towards the end of the season. They've got Manny Ramirez now. But again, I think the Cubs' starting pitching and bullpen are deeper; and they play well in Wrigley Field, where the series will start.

Milwaukee Brewers vs Philadelphia Phillies. Pick: PHILADELPHIA. Milwaukee barely snuck in; they really didn't play well for much of the past month (they even had to fire their manager!). The Phillies meanwhile have playoff experience, and Ryan Howard.