Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The American people on wealth redistribution

But I think Barack Obama missed this memo:
(and conservatives need to remember this, and talk about this, both for the next two weeks and way beyond this campaign.)
(oh, and, by the way, Republicans in congress need to ACT on this and act as if they believe it!)

Despite what some may tell you, "wealth redistribution" is not a political winner. Not even close.

PRINCETON, NJ — When given a choice about how government should address the numerous economic difficulties facing today's consumer, Americans overwhelmingly — by 84% to 13% — prefer that the government focus on improving overall economic conditions and the jobs situation in the United States as opposed to taking steps to distribute wealth more evenly among Americans.

Americans' lack of support for redistributing wealth to fix the economy spans political parties: Republicans (by 90% to 9%) prefer that the government focus on improving the economy, as do independents (by 85% to 13%) and Democrats (by 77% to 19%).