Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reason for Republican optimism

Jim Geraghty's old, well-connected GOP friend points out that Obama's lead today could come crashing down tomorrow--and cause a panic:

"..."Media bias may be McCain's biggest asset in this race. First, [for the past eight years] they built McCain up into the Maverick hero [every time he disagreed with Bush] and that insulates him from the too-close-to-Bush charge. Then they can't leave Palin alone and she keeps hitting out of the park just as they build her audience up. And now they've decided the election is over and given Obama an eight point lead. So if he starts to fade at any point in the next month that seems like a crash and cause a panic....I guarantee you, right now there is some realist in the Obama camp who is petrified of any falloff in the polls. Because if Obama slips, he could fall fast. McCain's already gotten up off the mat once this cycle, when he was supposed to be dead in the primary. He faced a meltdown and it didn't happen; you almost never see candidates and campaigns who can pull out of a crash dive…"

Perhaps the race will begin to turn around after tonight's debate.