Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama pleads ignorance

His campaign claims that, when Obama met Bill Ayers, he didn't know who he was.
But note this:

"On the other hand, Obama's not that young. He started at Columbia University, for instance, in 1981, when their names were certainly in the New York tabloids, which haved always loved the story of upper-middle-class radical cop killers. Kathy Boudin's role in a botched, fatal 1981 Brinks roberry was huge news. Bernardine Dohrn was imprisoned in 1982 for refusing to testify against fellow Weather Underground members. And Ayers' past was hardly a secret in Chicago, where he was regularly quoted as an ex-radical and ex-fugitive."

Plus, Obama was an academic. He hung around with liberals. He had plenty of schooling. The 1960s weren't that long ago. He had to know something about '60s radicals like Ayers.