Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So according to a recent poll, here's why some voters are choosing Obama over McCain:

"Swing voters have tilted Obama's way as the economy has overwhelmed
all other issues as the top priority for Americans. In interviews with
Cavenaugh and a dozen others who participated in a recent Los Angeles
Times/Bloomberg poll, demeanor emerged as a dominant theme in their
explanations for why they trusted Obama more than McCain to guide the
nation out of its financial crisis."

Ugh. I gotta tell you, that's just silly.
They sound like George Stephanopoulos and his focus on eye-rolling in the final McCain/Obama debate. Just because someone appears to be calm, cool, and professorial, doesn't mean he is competent or knowledgeable or up to the challenge.
Take a football analogy--Brett Favre is not always calm and cool. Yet he's one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game--he has knowledge and ability DESPITE his excitable personality.
It's just too bad that people focus on style and personality in an election, and not on positions.