Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some Sunday information...

My favorite sports teams continue to struggle. Just when it looked like it couldn't get any worse for the ND men's hoops team, it did; they lost badly to UCLA, 89-63, and didn't fight very hard to avoid such a fate. The season is now officially a mess. The Irish may not even make the NIT.

The Dallas Mavericks, though, managed to eke out a win over the Chicago Bulls, 115-114 in OT. Dirk Nowitzki was huge, with 44 points. I don't think people around the country realize just how good this guy is. He plays tons of minutes, as such a tall player gets a lot of rebounds, and scores--mainly as an outstanding jump shooter.

The University of Michigan men's hoops team played a solid game on the road at #1 UConn before falling by 8, 69-61. But they showed they can compete. Now they need to find a way to win their next game, at home vs national power Michigan State. If they can, their NCAA tourney resume will look a lot better.
All these seasons of all these teams are so filled with ups, downs, and crucial moments, aren't they?

For example--the Detroit Pistons, who had looked terrible lately, won again last night in OT at Milwaukee, in a thrilling game. Maybe they have life again.

The Detroit Red Wings, who were winless over a 5 game stretch not long ago, won again yesterday over Edmonton, 8-3, and looked dominant. Now they've won 3 in a row.

And Michigan State's men's hoops team, which has had two stunning, bewildering losses at home in the last couple of weeks to Northwestern and Penn State, made sure that didn't happen yesterday, whipping Indiana by 28.

Things can look better for teams after wins, in a big hurry, too--sports teaches you that.