Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday stuff

Joe Biden, Bushie: in a speech, Biden suggests that pre-emptive war is not off the table in an Obama administration, despite its criticisms of former President Bush's policies towards Iraq:
"Vice President Joe Biden delivered a clear message to Iran, saying Saturday that the U.S. was willing to talk but will act to isolate and pressure Tehran if it does not abandon its nuclear ambitions and support for terrorism. In a sweeping speech to international leaders and security experts, Biden said the U.S. will strive to act preventively and avoid having to choose between the risks of war and the dangers of inaction...."We will draw upon all the elements of our power — military and diplomatic, intelligence and law enforcement, economic and cultural — to stop crises from occurring before they are in front of us," he told the gathering in his 25-minute address."
George W. Bush couldn't have said it better.

So now there's an apparently-credible report that the New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez, who denied emphatically in a 2007 interview that he'd used steroids, did in fact test positive for them in 2003. I'm sure he's not the only big-leaguer who used. But why don't these guys just come clean and admit it? All of their loud denials, seemingly inevitably followed later by the evidence that they did use, just makes it worse.