Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At the sports desk: favorite teams update

The ND women's hoops team got a big win last night, beating South Florida on the road, 86-79. USF had built up a 14 point lead in the first half. So it was an impressive Irish rally, keyed by better rebounding and a big game from Lindsay Schrader. South Florida had 18 wins, so this is a quality win. The next game will be much tougher, though--at #1 UConn.

The news wasn't so good for some other teams. Michigan State's men's hoops team got whipped 72-54 by Purdue. The Spartans were sloppy (over 20 turnovers) and Purdue had a great defensive effort at home. MSU continues to seek consistency.

And the Detroit Pistons continued to fade, losing again (at home!) to Milwaukee, 92-86. The shooting, the focus, the intensity--just not there.