Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday musings...

Finally! Some good news from my favorite teams--the ND women's hoops team hustled, bit big shots, and beat Cincinnati on Saturday 66-50.
They're at 16-4 for the season. Still time to make some noise!

Not good news though for the Detroit Pistons--they collapsed in the 4th quarter against Cleveland and lost, 90-80. The key for them, and what happens to any team when they go through tough stretches, is that their confidence is in the tank right now. Can they regain it?

The Super Bowl turned out to be incredibly exciting in the 4th quarter, didn't it?
That's two very exciting Super Bowls in a row, given the Giants' amazing win last year over New England. Actually, of course, the first 3 quarters of yesterday's game were a bit pedestrian, and there were a lot of mistakes and penalties, by both teams. And in the end, I felt sorry for the Cardinals, for whom I rooted and who have for so long gone without an NFL championship. And they had it within their grasp! But give the Steelers credit, they executed well on their last drive. I was happy though that Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals shone yesterday, and that so many people are tipping their hats to the Cardinals today. At least they have that.

On a more serious note, more signs of economic tough times--now Macy's is slashing thousands of jobs.
A lot of high-profile companies are doing some slashing...

More on the so-called "stimulus" package--seems that everybody who's anybody with connections in Washington is after the money:
"I've had a hundred e-mails from every little university that wants new windows," said Ronald Richards, appointed as the state's "infrastructure czar" by Strickland to review bids for the federal dollars that are routed through the governor's office."
Conservatives must continue to ask: does this kind of thing lead to good projects, a good bill, and good, lasting jobs?