Monday, February 23, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger--still not getting it after all these years

He shows off his moderate "principles" or, rather, lack of same, in discussing the "stimulus" package:

"For some — mostly Democrats but also a few prominent moderate Republicans — the bill represents an admittedly imperfect but desperately needed infusion of cash that will help them avert thousands of layoffs. For others — predominantly conservative Southern Republicans — the flaws partly outweigh the benefits. And for those with presidential aspirations, the strong stance in opposition to the Obama administration may be seen as a way to stand out and stake a claim to leadership. With state budgets teetering, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, one of the moderates and a supporter of the stimulus bill, emphasized the need for Republicans in state houses and in Congress to be “team players” in facing the economic crisis and not to be bound unduly by party orthodoxies. “You’ve got to go beyond just the principles,” he told George Stephanapolous on ABC’s “This Week.”

"Beyond" the principles, Mr. Governator?
But if we do, are they really principles? What do they mean? Anything?
What do we as Republicans stand for? Anything?