Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One reason Republicans opposed the "stimulus" bill

It comes from a news release from moderate Republican congressman Fred Upton (of Michigan), explaining his opposition:

"This was not the open, bipartisan process in the House that we had been promised,'' Upton said in a statement released shortly after the bill passed the House on Friday. "In what has been touted as a new era of governing, Pelosi incredibly provided the text of the bill to Washington's lobbyists before she provided it to the folks who were elected to represent all of the people. The bill was not made available to us until after midnight, literally giving us only 12 hours to search through an 1,100-page bill that could ultimately cost $3 trillion when all is said and done. I struggled while examining the final package but the more I learned, the more it became clear the only guarantee with this bill is that it will send our debt spiraling out of control.''

So President Obama talks a lot about openness and bipartisanship, but Speaker Pelosi is definitely not on board. Look for Republicans to continue to focus on Pelosi's faults and foibles...