Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The convenient Obama measuring stick

He was at it again the other day (he's used this formulation before), discussing how we'd know if the "stimulus" bill "worked":

" At his first prime-time press conference, President Obama was asked a central question about the $800 billion-plus economic stimulus package: How will Americans know if it's working? "My initial measure of success is creating or saving 4 million jobs," Obama answered."

And just how do we know if a job, which was never lost, was "saved" by Obama's bill?
Maybe it would never have been lost, no matter what. Or maybe a smart move by the business owner "saved" it. Or maybe there were other factors at play which we'll never know.

But this is a very cunning, and insidious move, by Obama here. He sets up a situation where he can CLAIM that his legislation saved all kinds of jobs--and it will be very difficult to prove otherwise. And don't think he doesn't know that.