Sunday, February 1, 2009

At the sports desk: NFL Super Bowl pick

Pittsburgh 7 over Arizona. PICK: CARDINALS. It's simple; the Cardinals deserve to be here. They've beaten 3 good teams and three good defenses to make the Super Bowl. This team is no joke. And now, here they are playing a very good Steelers team--but at a warm-weather site, and with an offensive line and a decent defense that can give the Steelers trouble. I picked against the Cardinals in the first two rounds of the NFL playoffs. Wrong! I went with them against Philadelphia. Right decision.

I don't know if the Cardinals will win this game outright. There are 7 points to play with here. But I do think this team is not a joke, that they can move the ball and will compete well against Ben Roethlisberger. Don't forget that the Cardinals have a QB with Super Bowl experience in Kurt Warner. Yes, the Steelers will blitz him--but did you know Warner is the 4th-rated QB in the league when facing a blitz? This will be closer than a 7 point game; the Cardinals could win it outright. Go with the Birds. It's been a great NFL season--I already can't wait until next year.