Tuesday, February 3, 2009


President Obama talked a lot on the campaign trail about how ethical his administration would be, how there'd be no lobbyists in it, etc etc etc. But as we've seen the past few weeks, the reality of who he's put in his administration hasn't always lived up to the rhetoric--and now, by gosh, even the New York Times admits it:

"During almost two years on the campaign trail, Barack Obama vowed to slay the demons of Washington, bar lobbyists from his administration and usher in what he would later call in his Inaugural Address a “new era of responsibility.” What he did not talk much about were the asterisks. The exceptions that went unmentioned now include a pair of cabinet nominees who did not pay all of their taxes. Then there is the lobbyist for a military contractor who is now slated to become the No. 2 official in the Pentagon. And there are the others brought into government from the influence industry even if not formally registered as lobbyists."

When even Obama supporters in the media feel moved to criticize The One, he's got some problems. Let's see how long they last...