Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Afghanistan and Obama's friends

Some on the left aren't exactly embracing President Obama's surge of U.S. troops into Afghanistan:

"Caught in the shock and awe of 9/11, we allowed our military to be transformed into a neocon imperial police force. Now, approaching our eighth year in Afghanistan and sixth year in Iraq, what exactly is that force defending? Before President Obama acts to double the number of American boots-on-the-ground in Afghanistan -- before even more of our troops are sucked deeper into yet another quagmire -- shouldn't we ask this question with renewed urgency? Shouldn't we wonder just why, despite all the reverent words about 'our troops,' we really seem to care so little about sending them back into the wilderness again and again?"

President Obama might want to try to explain exactly why success in Afghanistan is so important. He really hasn't done that yet. Shucks, there's an issue where many conservatives might just be willing to support him, should he make an effort...