Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does American Idol face "disaster" due to its Hollywood round?

So says this MSNBC TV essayist:

"After slogging through a dull first day that focused on remarkably few singers, the second day only offered interpersonal drama and a ridiculous number of montages. There was also a lot of talking: Ryan Seacrest's narration was far more present than actual singing, as he told viewers more than they actually saw, which is never a good sign, even for a talent competition television series."

Well, it may not be a bad thing to have more actual singing shown to us.
But on the whole I disagree. First, remember: this is what the show promised to do, before season 8 even started. Remember, the producers talked about showing us more backstory concerning the singers and what they go through. And I kind of enjoy the behind-the-scenes stories, seeing failures as well as successes, seeing how difficult it truly is to make the AI final 36. Lastly, won't it be nice to truly know some of these contestants as they reach the final 24, the final 12, etc.? We'll know a lot about them by the time the show reaches the portion where every week they must sing, and face elimination. There will be plenty of time to see all the singing. A little backstory, right now, isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm still into American Idol; I think their ratings have held up well, too, so others must be as well.