Thursday, February 19, 2009

At the sports desk: favorite teams update

Another bad loss ("bad" in this case means really hurting their NCAA tourney chances) for the ND men's hoops team, on the road to West Virginia 79-68. Again, the Irish failed to rebound, failed to get enough loose balls, and didn't defend well enough. This season looks right now like it's heading towards being a big disappointment.

But that's the thing about following team sports--you don't know how it's going to turn out, even when it appears at season's start that you have a good team. You don't know it will have a happy ending. You hope it will. But it might not. That's why the wins, the good seasons, are so sweet...and really need to be enjoyed when they come.

The Detroit Red Wings were on their game last night, though, blasting the Nashville Predators 5-2.
The Wings scored 5 power play goals. Interesting, Wings' star Marian Hossa got into a fight. He acquitted himself well, but the best stat to me was this--it was the first time a Wings player got into a fight in 36 games. Kudos to the NHL for largely removing fighting as a big part of the game.