Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poor Maureen Dowd

She had to go to Alaska to, in her mind, find out more about Sarah Palin's world.
And oh, how difficult it was for her.
She suggested she'd "sauteed" herself in "Sarahville."
Ms. Dowd, too, doesn't like small towns much, and especially Wasilla--"a town that is a soulless strip mall without sidewalks set beside a soulful mountain and lake."
Read the whole piece--I mean, poor Ms. Dowd found a Wal-Mart there that, gasp, sells guns!
A pro-Obama rally there (drawing all of 10 people!) drew "taunts" from some of the locals (never mind Sarah Palin having to endure the taunts of columnists like Dowd).
Ms. Dowd couldn't stand Wasilla or Alaska in general. There, pastors pray for reporters, and their churches stock books that are critical of homosexuality and premarital sex. And in Anchorage, there are religious rallies sponsored by Dr. James Dobson (what that had to do with Sarah Palin, Ms. Dowd never told us. I guess if something happens in Alaska, it's connected.)

Amazing, isn't it? Mo Dowd's column oozed so much condescension, it was wringing wet.
You can almost hear her--how could someone like Sarah Palin, who stands for everything Maureen Dowd literally hates, be in the position she is in???
Don't be surprised at this. Read some histories of the presidential campaign of 1964; read what reporters then thought and wrote of Barry Goldwater (and later they gave Ronald Reagan the same treatment). It's a gauntlet that all conservative national politicians must go through. Especially the successful ones.