Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama condemns the UN, but...

...the UN is doing simply what Barack Obama said HE would do.
To be more specific, Obama condemned the UN for giving Iran's Ahmadinejad a platform for his hateful and anti-semitic views. Yet, as Jim Geraghty today points out:

"Gee, if we're worried about Ahmadinejad getting a platform to air hateful and anti-Semitic views, I hope no future president promises to hold a face-to-face summit with him without preconditions within the first year of taking office... I realize that our friends on the left feel like McCain will say and do anything to get elected, but we can point to actual cases in which Obama is completely ignoring previous campaign promises, and completely reversing himself in order to get in line with public opinion...."

And he needs to be held to account for them.