Thursday, September 18, 2008

Karl Rove advises Barack Obama

I don't think, though, that he expects he'll take his advice. But read Rove's column today.
In fact, I'd advise you, if you're a political junkie like me, to always read Rove's columns.
The guy knows a heck of a lot about American politics, and he makes insightful points.

Today, for example, he has two valuable points:
First, as to why Obama isn't doing better in the polls: don't forget the Democratic congress. It's approval rating is in the toilet. And that may be dragging down the entire Democratic "brand"--and thus Obama with it.

Second: a fundamental mistake being made by the Obama camp is this--it's trying to win undecided voters by roaring at them that "McCain is another George W. Bush." But any voter who could be won over that way would already BE in the Obama camp. Rather, now what we're dealing with are undecided voters who won't be persuaded that way. Polls show they still have doubts about Mr. Obama. Obama can only win them by talking positively about himself--not dragging down the other guy.

Luckily for Mr. McCain, I doubt the Obama-ites even bring themselves to read Rove.