Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Democratic Party strategist assesses the state of the campaign... pouring out his concerns to Barack Obama is a public "memo." But his assessment of Obama's recent slide is very interesting:

"I'll get right to the point: You are in danger of squandering an election most of us thought was unlosable. The reason is simple: on the electorate's most important concern - the economy -- you have no clear message, and John McCain has filled the void with his own...When I say you have no message, here's what I mean: are not offering a coherent account of what has gone wrong with the economy - why it is no longer working for average families. People are anxious and bewildered; they want to know why jobs are disappearing, why incomes are stagnating, and why prices are soaring. If you don't offer an explanation, McCain's will carry the day by default: the problem is the corrupt, self-interested politicians in Washington; the solution is getting them - and government in general - out of the way."

And if this assessment of John McCain's message is accurate, and if McCain acted on it as president, wouldn't conservatives be pleased.
Read this whole memo--I think he's right about Obama's lack of message.