Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "war on terror"--over?

Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration seem to believe the war on terror is done:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Obama administration has stopped using "war on terror," breaking with the Bush administration's terminology in describing the conflict with al Qaeda and militant Islam. "The administration has stopped using the phrase, and I think that speaks for itself," Mrs. Clinton told reporters as she traveled here for a United Nations-led conference on Afghanistan. Mrs. Clinton made her remarks in response to reporters' questions. Asked whether there was a specific policy decision on the terminology, she said: "I haven't gotten any directive about using it or not using it. It's just not being used."

Hmmm. Well, it's not just, as Jim Geraghty rightly points out, that terrorist attacks keep coming.
The problem here also is that, out of the other side of its mouth, the Obama administration sings a different tune. Remember, just a few days ago? The Obama White House announces sending more troops to Afghanistan? The president sure seemed to indicate then that the Taliban, and terrorists in general, remained a threat and likely still planned to attack us.

He didn't sound like someone who believed the war on terror was over then.
When the Obama folks figure out what they truly believe, they should get back to us.