Monday, March 30, 2009

At the sports desk: favorite teams update

Some good news...Michigan State makes it to the Final Four, beating Louisville, 64-52.
Honestly, before the game had you asked me who I'd pick to win it, I would have gone with Louisville. They looked so dominant against Arizona. But MSU's defense--their trademark, something they'd been good at all year, really came through for them. As you can see from the article linked to above, those truly happy about this include those in Detroit--it's big, and a happy thing, for Detroit to have a local team coming as it hosts the Final Four.

Other news is so-so. The Detroit Red Wings have been a bit sloppy lately, and lost again yesterday to Nashville (the day before, they lost to the lowly Islanders.) I guess the playoffs can't start soon enough.

On the other hand, the Detroit Pistons are playing a bit better, and have Allen Iverson back--yesterday they beat Philadelphia 101-97.
As difficult as the second half of the season has been for the Pistons, they're probably still a lock to make it to the playoffs.

But the Dallas Mavericks had a bad game on the road against one of the league kingpins, Cleveland, losing 102-74. Too many jump shots for the Mavs--they've got to start getting to the rim.