Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At the sports desk: the Denver Broncos' Jay Cutler

It looks like he won't be a Bronco for much longer.
He can't get along with the new coach; he's angry because the Broncos looked, possibly, to trade for another quarterback, and they admitted as much.

Well, it's never nice to know that a team thought of replacing you.
But here's the thing: Cutler seems to think he's one of the best QBs in football.
But is he? Did he lead his team to the playoffs last season? No.
Has he taken his team to a Super Bowl? No.
He admits the NFL is a business. So maybe he needs to realize that he still has some proving to do, and that this will be the case whether he's in Denver, or somewhere else. The fact is that the team has not traded him yet, but he seems unaware of that. The Broncos are quite unhappy with how he's handled this, and when you think about it...it's hard to blame them. Mr. Cutler seems to have some maturing to do; and this seems to be the case far too often with our professional sports stars--just look at how far too many of them wind up in trouble with the law.