Monday, March 16, 2009

At the sports desk: favorite teams update

Neither Michigan or Michigan State, though, went too far in their conference tourneys.
Notre Dame's men's hoops team is in the NIT. Notre Dame's women's hoops team will be in the NCAAs, and will get to play at home--ND is hosting the first and second rounds of a regional.

The Detroit Red Wings meanwhile played real well yesterday in beating Columbus on the road, 4-0. That avenged a bad beating Columbus gave the Wings a couple of weeks ago, when the Wings gave up 8 goals.

And the Dallas Mavericks once again played the LA Lakers tough--they've played them tough every time they've played them this season--but lost, 107-100, in LA. Still, the Mavs have a chance to move up in the standings in their final 15 games--9 of those are at home. They'll need to take that opportunity. They don't want to finish 8th in the conference and play LA in the first round.