Monday, March 16, 2009

On those AIG bonuses...

Bill Kristol urges Republicans/conservatives to show outrage:

"Can capitalism survive the behavior of some capitalists? It's always been an open question. But if capitalism is to survive, shouldn't the Republican party, the party that defends democratic capitalism, be particularly vehement in denouncing its excesses? Isn't this a pretty spectacular one? And isn’t this a moment for the GOP to separate itself from the Bush administration as well as the Obama administration, who together have been responsible for an incompetent and improvident bailout? Figuring out the right policy going forward with respect to toxic assets and the rest is, of course, a major intellectual task. But being on the side of a healthy populist reaction to the AIG situation is at least a good political start."

I see what he's saying. And I certainly don't think Republicans should defend these bonuses.
At the same time, remember--when it comes to denouncing capitalists and "greed", we will never be able to outdo Democrats and the left.