Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Democrats Limbaugh strategy

Have you noticed all these Democrats barking about Rush Limbaugh lately, including Obama himself? Hey, it's no accident--we now know that this is part of a carefully-crafted strategy pulled together by Democratic Party strategists--to demonize Rush Limbaugh, to portray that demonized figure as the spokesman of the Republican Party, and thus attempt to further marginalize conservatism and the GOP.

Read the entire linked article above. And notice some things: 1] I thought the Obama administration was all about "hope", and "change", and ending the old partisan games. And yet this sounds like one of the oldest political games in the book. How is engaging in this nonsense helping to make a poor person's life better? Of course, it's not. 2] Note who's behind this strategy--all the old Clinton administration hands--Emanuel, Begala, Carville, etc etc etc. I thought this administration was going to be different. So far it isn't--it's Clinton redux with a bunch more spending thrown in. 3] Meanwhile, be not afraid, conservatives--shucks, I'd welcome this. Democrats grant Limbaugh a big stage at their peril. He is knowledgeable, articulate, and a great spokesman for conservatism. And isn't it a bit strange for a presidential administration to be worrying so much, and so busily attacking and demonizing, a private citizen, a radio host? I think the administration better be careful; it might look like it's trying to stifle dissent.