Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More on those AIG bonuses...

From Rich Lowry today:

"The bonuses AIG wants to pay its employees are a pittance compared with the $170 billion it has received in government bailouts, a trifling .097 percent. But nothing so angers the gods of populism as the word “bonus” (surely some genius is formulating a suitable euphemism even as we speak). Pres. Barack Obama wants to try to block the bonuses, and other administration officials talk of making AIG pay back the government for the amount of the bonuses. Fine, but where do we go to get the other $169.835 billion back?"

But the truly sad thing is that the government has, either through bailout money, cash infusions, and other guarantees, sent $11.7 TRILLION into the nation's banks...but it doesn't seem to be helping, and now they're talking about sending more money after bad. When will it all end?