Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Furor at Notre Dame

The University invited President Obama to speak at the school's commencement, and now 65,000 people have signed an online petition expressing opposition to the invitation, citing Obama's positions on stem cells and abortion, which contradict Catholic teachings.

Bishop D'Arcy of the South Bend/Fort Wayne diocese, who hasn't missed an ND commencement in 25 years, says he won't attend this year.

I understand the opposition. And I think it's good that the protest was made. I do note though that the university has already issued a statement assuring all that the invitation to speak does not mean ND agrees with all of Obama's positions. That's a significant victory right there. Maybe then it will be a good idea for Obama to come to Notre Dame and speak. Maybe he will hear what some at ND have to say concerning the importance of the sanctity of life...and it will be good for him.