Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coming out of Wednesday's wash...

Sports teams update: the Notre Dame men's hoops team stayed alive, edging Rutgers 61-50 in the first round of the Big East tournament. It was a bit of a grinder--ND's offensive flow was hardly as fluid as they'd like. But they won. Yet they still have a big hill to climb (they likely need to win 5 games in 5 days to make the NCAAs...)

Meanwhile, the Detroit Red Wings had played some real clunker games lately--3 days ago they gave up 8 goals to Columbus, at home. But last night they played well and beat Phoenix, 3-2. Maybe they've returned to form.

In other news...yet another former terrorist detainee at Guantanamo Bay, who'd been released, is in the news again...once again fighting against us with the Taliban. When will we ever learn. Maybe there were good reasons to hold those folks at Gitmo after all...

Media bias? What media bias? From CBS News "reporter" Anthony Mason:
"It's the government that's going to have to pull us out of this recession."

When will Americans get tired of the Obama shtick? Take today's bill signing, for example:
"Calling it an "imperfect" bill, President Barack Obama signed a $410 billion spending package Wednesday that includes billions in earmarks like those he promised to curb in last year's campaign. He insisted the bill must signal an "end to the old way of doing business."
Hmmm. He says he's against earmarks, but then signs a bill containing billions in earmarks.
He says he's against lobbyists in government, but guess what--his administrations contains lobbyists. He says he's against the old "partisan politics", but several in his administration busily orchestrate political games against Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Party.
I am glad that the news media--see the article above--points out Obama's contradictions. I'm a little surprised they're being this tough on him.