Saturday, August 25, 2007

We know the Lion King. The Lion King is a friend of ours. And you, Hamas, are no...

Once again, Hamas seeks to pitch its radical, violent Islamic message to kids. It's another Disney rip-off, this time mangling the Lion King in order to get across their message.

This is no longer surprising; but what's disturbing about it is its commonalities with past radical, ideological, totalitarian movements. Radical groups and ideologies, in order to entrench their ideas and perpetuate them (for all time, they hope) always go after the children. In Nazi Germany, it was the Hitler Youth. In Stalin's Soviet Union, it was the Young Communists and Young Pioneers. In Mao's China, it was the Red Guards. Now we increasingly see terrorist groups using children as "soldiers", and even encouraging them to be suicide bombers. It's no accident. Cartoons are just another means to an end.