Monday, August 27, 2007

Catching Keith: Counting down Olbermann's errors, part 5

Here, friend Olbermann remarks on the existence of a: "... report officially released by the Pentagon today, but previewed last night by the Associated Press, pointing to a disturbing correlation between the extended tours brought on by the war in Iraq and the number of suicides within the military -- 101 American soldiers killed themselves last year, and nearly one-third of those, 27, occurred in Iraq. That Marks the highest suicide rate in the armed forces in 26 years."

But, Mr. Olbermann, sir---you really should do more research. For example, go here...and what do you find? A great deal of careful number-crunching with the data available on this issue...and this conclusion: "So the suicide rate among all active-duty troops is lower than the 2004 norm - even at the current high point - and the rate among combat troops is slightly above the norm.
Does this mean it isn't serious and that we shouldn't put resources into PTSD treatment or that each suicide isn't itself a tragedy? What do you think I believe...come on, of course.
But is this a symptom of a military so brutalized by the horrors of service that they are killing themselves at an incredible rate? What do you believe I think? Why can't people do some freaking homework before the leap to the Isle of Conclusion - that's what I think."

Too bad you didn't, Mr. Olbermann.