Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Republican congressional campaign strategy for '08

It's discussed here. It's not exactly new. Quote: "Republicans face another hostile political climate next year but congressional election strategists think they may have found a way to overcome it. According to party officials, the emerging campaign game plan will play off the voters' deepening disapproval of the Democratic-run Congress by urging Republican challengers to run an anti-incumbent, anti-Washington, insurgent campaign. "We're working closely with our candidates as we head into next year to tell them don't be afraid to run against Republicans as a whole, run against Washington as a whole, talk about runaway spending, and pick and choose the issues on which to run against this Congress," a Republican election official told me."

The strategy goes back to Goldwater, Carter, Reagan etc; but whatever.
It could work. But only if the GOP can convince voters that they really mean it.
In '06, too many voters weren't sure they did. It means Republicans have to start now, with this congress, demonstrating this agenda with action, with votes.
Start busting that pork.