Friday, August 31, 2007

Catching Keith: Counting down Olbermann's errors, part 7

Another easy one. It came here, on Olbermann's August 13 show, on which he once again awarded his "worst person in the world" award to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. Why? Apparently it had to do with John Edwards, Edwards' dislike of Fox News, and Mr. O'Reilly's response. Quote: "Responding to Senator John Edwards, who said, succinctly and aptly, quote, Fox News I think has a long history of bias against Democrats. We have to stand up to them. It‘s time to put a stop to this. You know what Fox Noise does to its critics, it lies about them.
Bill-O replies, John Edwards has been on the Fox News Channel 33 times, 33 times. Not once could I find anything insulting, demeaning or disrespectful to the senator. So he‘s actually lying, is he not?"

Okay, so it appears Mr. Olbermann fairly accurately represents O'Reilly's point here. Now--how does our friend Keith respond? Quote: "No, you are lying, Billy. May 24th, John Edwards is called the, quote, “$400 haircut man” by Sean Hannity on Fox Noise. August 3rd, John Edwards is called, quote, “the Breck Girl,” and, quote, “the biggest fraud running for president,” quote, by John Gibson on Fixed News Radio. June 4th, John Edwards is called, quote, “dopey,” by Bill O‘Reilly on Fox Noise. June 8th, John Edwards is called, quote, “the biggest phony in the world” by Bill O‘Reilly on Fixed News. Not once could I find anything insulting, demeaning or disrespectful to the senator. You would probably have a much more successful search, Bill, if you took your head out of your heiny."

Wow. Er, Mr. Olbermann--the one with the problem here is you. You need to learn to read much more carefully. Look at what Mr. O'Reilly said again. He was not saying that no one on Fox News had EVER said anything negative concerning Senator Edwards. Instead, he was quite clearly suggesting that, WHEN SENATOR EDWARDS APPEARED on FNC--and he appeared there no less than 33 times! (if Senator Edwards hated Fox so much, why has he gone on the network over 30 times? why didn't you examine that question, Mr. O?)--he was questioned respectfully and was treated fairly. That's what Mr. O'Reilly was getting at. Get it now? Or is your head, ahem, still in "your heiny"?