Friday, August 31, 2007

Football news

The college football season begins in earnest tomorrow. The NFL is right around the corner (thank goodness that the necessary evil and endless drudgery of meaningless "pre-season" games are about over). Anyway, two important pieces of news today: first, it appears likely that Demetrius Jones might well be Charlie Weis' starting quarterback for Notre Dame tomorrow in their season opener vs Georgia Tech. It wouldn't surprise me--Jones has speed and good running ability, and thus if he can throw just a little, would pose the most problems for opposing defenses. Meanwhile, David Garrard, in a big surprise, has been named the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, replacing Byron Leftwich. Nobody seemed to see that coming, though Garrard badly out-performed Leftwich in the pre-season, and Leftwich has a long history of injuries.

Oh, and--surprise!--with training camp over and the season looming, the NY Giants' Michael Strahan ended his holdout.