Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's trackings

Angels 2, Tigers 0: what you worried about with the Tigers was their offense...and that worry seems a bit well-founded right now. No big hits last night. Only good sign: Dontrelle Willis pitched well.

Ramesh Ponnuru today reminds us of something very important--the first steps towards repealing ObamaCare have already been taken:
"The first steps toward the repeal of Obamacare have already occurred. First, the legislation passed without leading to a lasting improvement in the president’s or the Democrats’ approval ratings. Second, in part as a result, it has quickly become Republican-party orthodoxy that the new health-care legislation needs to be repealed and replaced with conservative reforms. Two Republican senators who seemed to throw cold water on repeal, John Cornyn of Texas and Bob Corker of Tennessee, promptly clarified that they support the goal."

Let's keep going.

Meanwhile, in Florida, it's now definite--Charlie Crist has let the NY Times know that he's seriously considering running for the Senate in Florida as an independent.
My guess? Obviously he has the right to do anything he wants, but in the end, this won't be a good thing for him. He'll simply look like a sore loser, which he is--he'll run as an independent because he's getting clobbered in the race for the Republican senatorial nomination by Marco Rubio. This will kill him with the Republican Party for all time. He won't win the race as an independent, meanwhile, no matter what polls say now. Republicans will unite behind Rubio once the primary is done. And Democrats in Florida don't like Crist much; and that would be the only way he'd win in the fall, by getting significant Democratic support (just as Lieberman won in Connecticut with Republican votes). But Crist won't get the crossovers. He'll just get political oblivion. Maybe that's what he deserves.

Republicans and conservatives need to unite behind Marco Rubio, who by all accounts appears to be a good solid conservative candidate; and let Mr. Crist know that's just what they're doing.

No major changes in the way 2010 looks right now, by the way--both Gallup and Rasmussen came out with polls on the generic ballot yesterday, and Gallup still has the GOP leading, with Rasmussen having Republicans up by a whopping 10 points.