Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

San Antonio 102, Dallas 88: so the series is tied at 1-1. The Mavs lose home-court advantage. Mavs fans have to be upset that San Antonio out-hustled Dallas last night. Key stat: the Spurs had 23 second-chance points; the Mavs only 9. Dirk was cold. So were the Mavs. The only bright spot: this year, when it's come to big games on the road, the Mavs have pretty consistently played well. They'll need to do that this weekend. I think they will.

Red Soz 8, Rangers 7 (12 innings): the Rangers are just in a bad rut. They've now lost 6 straight. Again last night they blew a lead, this time of 4 runs.
But it was also Tigers 4, Angels 3: the Tigers edge back over the .500 mark. They got a decent start from Jeremy Bonderman, and Jose Valverde pitched a perfect 9th inning for the save. Once again Miguel Cabrera got some big hits. They're hanging in there...

There's a new FOX poll out. Nothing surprising, which is good news for Republicans.
President Obama's approval rating is only at 46%.
FOX also has Republicans leading in the generic 2010 congressional ballot, by 4.