Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's trackings

So Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, in the wake of his latest scandal, won't be prosecuted...but will be meeting privately with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I guess one has to agree with the decision not to prosecute. Looks like it couldn't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Roethlisberger committed a crime. And I doubt the commissioner will suspend him, either, and perhaps that shouldn't happen, either; the standard over the past few years for NFL players has not been to suspend in this kind of circumstance. But if I was Goodell, I'd give Big Ben a stern talking-to, and I'd make it public that I did just that. The guy's an NFL celebrity, a public figure, a two-time Super Bowl winner. What he does reflects on the league. And what was he doing that night in Georgia. Bar-hopping, picking up girls, feeding them yet more booze, and then having some kind of encounter, protected by his "entourage", in a dingy bathroom. It's tawdry, it could only lead to trouble, and it's not what someone like Mr. Roethlisberger should be doing, obviously. One gets the impression he's thought that, with his success, he can do anything...and get away with it. Maybe Commissioner Goodell should explain to him that that's not how it works.

Kansas City 10, Detroit 5: not a good day for the Tigers. 4 errors, including one dropped foul pop that was then followed by a big home run; walks; sloppy pitching. Let's hope it's just a one-day thing...
but meanwhile, Rangers 4, Indians 2 in 10 innings: the Rangers move back above the
.500 mark at 4-3. Nelson Cruz quietly has 5 home runs already. Rich Harden, on whom the Rangers are counting, had a quality start. Neftali Perez closed very effectively. A good day for Texas...

Dallas 117, LA Clippers 91: sshhhh...don't tell anyone, but the Mavs are on a roll. They've won 4 straight, almost have the #2 seed in the West nailed down, and have looked dominant. Dirk Nowitzki with 25 points last night; Shawn Marion with 21...and Jason Kidd with 12 assists. Are they peaking at the right time? Or are they teasing everybody again> Right now I lean towards the former...

So the Democrats told us that once the health insurance bill was passed, the public would love it. And yet...several weeks after its passage, support for it has gone DOWN. The latest RCP average of polling on the health bill shows only 40$ in support; 53% disapproval...and that's a loss of at least 3 or 4 points in the last week or two. (Indeed, the latest Rasmussen poll found only 38% in favor, 58% opposed!)